Best Pork Cuts for the Barbecue

best pork cuts barbecue

Using pork for Barbecue has got to be one of the best discoveries ever. The outcome looks and tastes great. Many times I find myself looking through advertised menus of new restaurants that have just opened to know if they offer pork Barbecue. Seeing it on the menu will make me pay a visit. Many people share this passion, as seen from the rising sales of pork. It is a great time to be alive.

I could go on writing about my love for Barbecued pork, but that will be digressing, in this article, I want to give you tips on how to find the best pork cuts for a Barbecue.

This is how my story started; I enjoyed Barbecued pork so much that I hounded restaurants to have a taste of their recipes. Then it dawned on me that I could do it in my backyard. I have a grill and the seasoning, but I wasn’t prepared for what came next. Not all pork cuts are right for barbecueing.

This discovery led me on a mission to find the best pork cuts that can absorb your sweet-smelling spices and be cooked on the barbie to make the best-tasting pork ever. I made some mistakes and quickly found out why, but you are in luck because after reading this post, you will know what to ask for at the butcher’s shop.

It didn’t take me long to realize pork cuts do not all have the same features. Depending on where the cut was made, you will notice some pieces have a deep red look while others have a pink shade (light red in colour). Let me announce here that the pork cuts with a lighter pinkish shade make the best pieces for a Barbecue.

I also found the pork cuts with these features. I have included descriptions below to guide you when making inquiries at the meat shop.

Beneath the loins

My research revealed that the meat in this area is tender and thinner, about an inch which is perfect for a Barbecue. I bought these pork cuts, and the outcome was perfect after roasting. So there you go, ask for pork cuts from the lower loins. Pork cuts from the upper loins can also be roasted.

The ribs

Pork cuts from the ribs also turned out great when roasted on the grill. The best parts were cut from the side towards the rear end and the center ribs.

The Ham

The pork cut from the legs is called ham. The best parts of ham for Barbecue cooking are pork cuts from the shank, and the upper leg.

In conclusion, your focus should be on the appearance of the pork cut. Avoid deep red pork cuts if you want to roast the meat. The thickness: best pork cuts for Barbecue should not be thicker than an inch. This will allow your spices to be absorbed properly. Excited already? Go ahead, get your pork cuts and enjoy the best tasting grilled pork.